The Lycian coast

Recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful routes in the world the Lycian Way, about 500 km long, following an ancient route between Fethiye and Antalya. This is the Teke Peninsula, the cradle of the ancient and mysterious Lycian civilization.

The path winds through forests of pine and cedar topped by tall mountain peaks up to 3000 meters and passes through ancient cities like Pinara , Xanthos, Letoon and Olympos. Parallel to the way the Lycian coastal views that are flanked by great beauty and interest of the rich, this is the wonderful ” Lycian Coast “.

Wrapped in a relaxed atmosphere and colorful, is one of the many magical places of the whole Turkey. Along this route, the scenic beauty come together to places of historic interest and natural beauty, a wonderful side dish for navigation in these warm, calm waters make it an unforgettable cruise aboard the gulet, a traditional Turkish boat.

Places like the peninsula of Kekova , redesigned from the continuous earthquakes in ancient times, the bays and coves of crystal clear water surrounding the villages of Ugaciz and Simena, the ancient ruins of Aperlae which is reflected in the crystal clear sea, Myra with its tombs excavated in the rock and the lively Kas, half of the route will be among the most beautiful, sunny and unspoilt Mediterranean.

This water paradise has seen the development of ancient civilizations whose remains are evidence of the routes still ran to see what nature and man have shaped the landscape and made only giving us a spectacle of rare beauty. The “Lycian Coast” is the route chosen by Flower3 gulet, a route “unique” characterized by the integration of an explosive nature and historical memories, quaint marinas and harbors in bays, sliding Water.