Route 2019

We begin our cruise onboard the Flower 3 with departure from the port of Demre/Myra, an ancient city of the Phonencians dating to the 5th century. The journey to follow presents the natural and historical highlights of the Lycian Coast, and also allows includes plenty of swimming in the crystal clear waters and relaxing in the hot sun of Turkey. A few hours of sailing bring us to the first port for an optional excursion.

Demre: This city is also well known by the ancient name of Kale, meaning ‘castle’. Demre features a convenient harbor and a 5 minute taxi ride will take you to the archaeological site of Myra, the most extensive Lycian city on our tour. Admire the rock tombs, the Roman theater and theatrical masks carved on the stone visible throughout the area. Continue to the St. Nicholas church. This site offers visitors a plethora of Byzantine frescoes and mosaics in the floor. Bishop of Myra, but originating from Patara, Saint Nicholas gave rise to the tradition of Santa Claus. The saint’s remains were deposited here in 343 AD and later stolen by some sailors from Bari in 1043. The remains are still preserved in the Basilica of Bari with great devotion Along the route you will reach the pristine area of Kekova, this is where the cruise reaches its maximum expression. It will be in these waters that most of the time will pass smoothly between swims in a sea. Seductive, colorful sunsets and relaxing atmosphere are found in this corner of hidden coves, one of the most precious in Turkey. Kekova has been a protected area since 1990 due to the presence of ancient ruins and natural beauty. The reserve covers an area measuring 260 sq km, including the island of Kekova, a former Italian possessions. Browsing the bays and along ancient routes   Simena (Kalekoy): For those who arrive by sea the picture that presents itself to the visitor is the most beautiful of the entire Mediterranean. It is absolutely worth a visit to shore to walk along an ancient route to the crusader castle that dominates the town, dated to the seventh century. The castle also features a collection of “small theater carved antiquity”.

Upon reaching the fort the view from the top is unforgettable: you can admire the entire uninhabited island of Kekova framed by the light blue Mediterranean and the islands of Karagol in the middle, a good berth for the little boats of medium size. Much enjoyment can be found in the village on foot: be enraptured by her charms, venturing between the stone houses, bazaars displaying local crafts and narrow streets that branch out to the town. The royal tomb is an inverted hull that emerges in the warm waters of the harbor and the ruins o of the ancient structures are the characteristic symbol of the whole bay. In ancient times the burials were carried out under the hull of an upturned boat, and today the same stone sarcophagi recall the old template. A peaceful and short walk to the east leads to the nearby valley to admire the cemetery, one more historical memory of the city. Through the water in front of Simena, you can reach the island of Kekova, its shores are the ancient ruins of Dalkiste, a city partly submerged as a result of one of the many earthquakes in ancient times.

Dalkiste: also called the “Sunken City”, this is not the only evidence of this kind but it is the best known and most exposed area of Kekova. We will sail in a gulet a few meters from the coast along the ruins visible at a depth. At the end of the path you reach the bay Tersane, the ancient city of Xera, its name means “little lake”. You will spend your lunch break here and we will stop to spend the afternoon swimming. Given the history present everywhere, visible along the banks and in the water, it is not difficult to imagine how the ancient town was a closed basin and later invaded by the sea after the earthquake. Continue the cruise to the bay of Ucagiz. Ucagiz (Theimiussa): You will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this fishing village built on the ancient foundations of the city of Theimiussa.

You can explore the necropolis by a short walk or sail to the east of the town. This town is also protected from development, and the quiet dock is the only embarkation point for day trips to the area. At nightfall Theimussa is again a quiet village that invites you to spend the time between walks and a pleasant dinner along the pier of the marina. Leaving Ucagiz on Flower3 we travel in a westerly direction to the discovery of sparse routes that will lead to new shores. The “Turtle Bay” will be an opportunity to swim in the company of caretta caretta turtles, and a dip in the area called “aquarium” allows you to swim in water nearly transparent and say goodbye to Kekova area. After the peninsula Sicak we land in a beautiful and cozy natural harbor at the ruins of Aperlae. Aperlae: After we are moored you can admire the old town, charming and secluded, located on the ancient route of ” Licyan way”.

Throughout the deep and narrow bay is visible historical evidence of this place. Swimming with mask and snorkel you can observe the underwater ruins of the ancient port, royal tombs and the jars spread throughout the area. The more adventurous can take a path that leads from the beach in the town and discover the ancient walls, the domus and towers that dominate the west side of the creek. We spend the night at anchor here and then travel on to Kas. Kas is the halfway point of the cruise aboard the Flower3. Founded on the ruins of Antiphellos, Kas is today a bustling city that draws in visitors with the beauty of its lovingly restored historic center. It is here that we cast anchor and disembark for the entire evening. Treat yourself to some time between taverns, nightclubs and enjoy the pleasant art of shopping. Walking through the port and squares, the atmosphere is friendly and colorful.

Along the paved road uphill towards the east (Uzun Carsi), recognizable by the presence of colorful shops, you reach the monumental tomb called “the lion”. This is a superb example of Lycian sarcophagus placed on a high pedestal and surmounted by a lion’s head. Scents, colors and a sparkling environment welcome the visitor throughout the evening before we start the next day for new adventures and experiences. Taking the route to Finike on a transparent blue sea, we retrace the area of Kekova to discover of new inlets, bays and cozy places. The prerogative of the cruise on the Flower3 is to give guests an unforgettable week. Equally interesting is the route of return, offer new harbors, bays and places of historical interest and natural beauty.

The bay of “Koca Karilar Koyu”, the freshwater springs of the “Buric Beach”, the creeks “Gokkaya Koyu” and “Karaloz” and “Korsan” make even the route of return an excitement. The itinerary may be subject to minor changes or the sequence of stages depending on the weather, the traffic of other vessels or by mutual agreement of the guests, however, this is at the discretion of the captain for the security and tranquility of the cruise. The itinerary has been planned by the local staff along major places of interest and intensity of the landscape. The hospitality on Flower3 leaves nothing to chance, well considered spaces, staff helpful and friendly and good food will make your cruise a first class holiday immersed in this idyllic setting and rich in culture, history and nature