Gulet cruise


The “gulet”, from turkish word “kayk”, is a traditional boat designed for fishing and transportation of merchandise along the coast, recently adapted for tourist purposes. Today, most of the shipyards design and fabricate these boats exclusively to board groups of tourists for a cruise along the beautiful turquoise coast. Usually the gulet has two masts and is 12-30 metres long, with various appearance depending on the shipyard and the shipwrights who produce them. The first boats were constructed with the Aleppo pine, but recently this timber has been replaced by teak and mahogany. Flower3 is equipped with its own power generator and with air conditioning, this latter being used for only 2/3 hours a day and never overnight in port or during cruising. The crew, turkish or from other countries, consists of 2 or 3 people, who usually speak more than one language and strive for making unforgettable the vacation of those who choose to live a gulet cruise. The navigation is commonly along the coast in order to enjoy both the wonderful landscape and the countless bays with crystalline water. Life on the gulet is truly relaxing; you can spend your time swimming in the clear waters or visiting various historical and natural sites or simply enjoying the life onboard.

The common areas are conceived and developed to be permeated by the colors and moods that navigation will give day by day. The foredeck, cozy and comfortable, is generally equipped with mattresses to capture every ray of sunshine, refresh with a drink or focus on own readings. The stern will host tourists in a sort of open living room where enjoying meals and conversations, socializing and integrating with the crew. The very comfortable cabins, double with their private facilities, will be the appropriate place for a “good rest” after a day spent in swimming and short hiking along tracks that often can only be accessed from the sea. The sunset will be the ideal setting at the end of a day of continuous discovery of intense experiences. The gulet cruise offers then a trip of “affordable luxury”, without any restriction and limitations, enjoying the sea, culture and good food. The “full board” with the exception of beverages, and an afternoon snack (tea, sweets or fruit ..) is normally provided aboard. All guests on board share all the main meals, which include: breakfast: tea, coffee, milk, juice, cheese, bread, butter, jam, tomatoes, fruits and eggs, lunch and dinner: all meals are prepared by the crew with a mix of traditional and international dishes. Simple recipes, but also dishes that highlight the creativity of the chef, including the appetizers, one main course, various side dishes and fruit. The menus are based on salads, pasta, rice, soups, grilled meat and fish, cooked and raw vegetables, cheese, fruit and pastries. Coffee, tea and juices are always offered. All drinks, alcoholic and soft drinks, domestic or foreign, can be bought on board and will be paid at the end of the cruise. During the gulet cruise, it is usual custom to enable guests to spend one or two evenings, for a dinner outside the boat. Normally, food and drink, purchased on the mainland, are not allowed on board. The cabins are cleaned and disinfected at the beginning of cruise, but during the cruise, each guest will be required to keep it clean and tidy. After the draw of the cabins, all guests will be provided with sheets, pillowcases and towels seas (the latter on bail). During the cruise, the gulet can drop the anchor in bays, or dock in the ports included in the itinerary. Different stops in bays, for which payment is required, and not included in the itinerary, must be paid in advance. It is strongly recommended that a group of friends leases the boat in order to decide schedules and itineraries with greater flexibility, in agreement, of course, with the captain.