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The staff

In the realisation of the Flower3 there is all my passion about the sea and the waters of Kekova area. I was born in Ucagiz and I have been on the boats all my life in this area, enjoying the beautiful aspects of this coast and living every day among…

Travel to Turkey

Travelling in Turkey is to discover a land rich in history, a great gastronomic tradition, a variety of natural landscapes, Istanbul one of the largest cities in the world and a sincere welcome. Millennia ago the Hittite civilization rose stone walls of Hattusa, in the plains of Anatolya, the Romans…

the launch: 03/24/2013

24 March 2013, the Flower 3 started from the construction site towards the harbor of Demre-Myra. We traveled approximately 12 km, around bends, cliffs and on unpaved roads to finally reach the sea. The final session of work will be devoted to interiors, woodwork and decor of the common areas.…